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1. Cash or card in Our Shop


  • 1052 Budapest Petőfi Sándor u. 16.
  • Telefon/Fax: 36-1-337-4908
  • Nyitvatartás: hétfőtől péntekig 10–18-ig


2. Bank Transfer



  • IBAN: HU26 1040 2142 4950 5557 5453 1028
  • Bankkapcsolat: K&H Bank Rt. 1051 Budapest Kossuth Lajos tér 18.


  • IBAN: HU31 1040 2142 4950 5557 5453 1035
  • Bankkapcsolat: K&H Bank Rt. 1051 Budapest Kossuth Lajos tér 18.


3. Credit Card Acceptance

  • Paying with credit card you can conveniently and securely buy in our online store. After you order the chosen goods you will be directed to the website of the K&H Bank, where you can pay with your credit card through an encrypted transaction currently considered to be the safest, used by the Bank. At the selection of the mode of payment our customers need just to click on “pay with a credit card” then provide the card number and expiration date on the server of the K&H Bank. K&H Bank accepts VISA Classic, VISA Electron Eurocard/MasterCard  type cards.
  • K&H Bank carries out and ensures the orderly conduction of the payment transaction, the management of credit card data, data encryption and the safety of the process. Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. provides the data necessary for the payment transaction and the K&H Bank will be informed about the outcome of the transaction. Thus Nudelman Numizmatika Kft. is not liable for the issues related to the payment process, belonging to the competence, sphere of interest of the K&H Bank and the card issuing bank.
  • We accept credit cards issued exclusively for electronic use only in cases when the card-issuing bank authorizes! Please check with your bank whether your card can be used for purchase through the Internet.
  • After successful purchase the K&H Bank provides an authorization code about the transaction, which you should write down or print the entire page. In case of unsuccessful transaction the K&H Bank informs you about the cause in an error message.
  • The method and conditions of the cancellation of order, withdrawal happens based on Government Decree of 17/(05-02) 1999.
  • In case of claims incurring on the cardholder part and all other disputes the Government Decree 45/ (26-02) 2014 „The detailed rules of contract between the consumer and the enterprise” is authoritative.
  • Conditions of delivery: 
    Receipt of the purchased items can take place in conformity with the payment methods: personally in our shop or by post. The costs of posting will vary depending on the type and value of sending.  During the purchase the customer chooses the mailing method. We pack every item in security bubble wrap. The goods will be delivered within approx. 3-7 business day domestically.
    The protection of your personal data is a priority for NUDELMAN NUMIZMATIKA Kft. and its partners. The collecting and processing of personal data necessary for using our website, suitable for identification complies with the Hungarian data protection regulations in force (63 law of the year 1992 about the protection of personal data and disclosure of data of public interest). Your details will be kept confidential and will not be passed on any third party unless it is essential to perform the contract (e.g. post, courier). Our employees, partners and service providers belong to us on a confidential basis. 


4. Postai utánvéttel




1. MPL küldemény házhoz szállítva 



150 000 forintos értékhatárig biztosított1600 Forint


2. MPL küldemény csomagautomatába 



150 000 forintos értékhatárig biztosított890 Forint

3. MPL küldemény PostaPontra 



150 000 forintos értékhatárig biztosított1090 Forint

150.000 Ft feletti értékbiztosítás egységes díja 4200.- Ft




Egységesen 30 EUR, értékbiztosítva


5. SimplePay Huf

Bankkártyás fizetésSimplePay rendszerén keresztül - HUF


6. SimplePay EUR

Bankkártyás fizetésSimplePay rendszerén keresztül - EUR



Minden árut légbuborékos biztonsági csomagolással látunk el.

Az árucikkek belföldön kb. 3-7 munkanap alatt kerülnek kiszállításra.


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