The Nudelman Numismatica’s summer auction on the 6th of June ended with more than 150 percent bid increase.

At the auction which started with a put-up price of Euro 1.172 388 there were 1137 items sold for a total of Euro 1.861133.

An extremely rare Franz Joseph I, 10 crown coin minted in Körmöcbánya in 1895, item 631, was launched at the highest starting price of the auction and finally was sold for Euro 60.000.

60.000 euróért talált gazdára az aukció legmagasabb kikiáltási áron indított tétele, a 631-es számú, rendkívül ritka, 1895-ben Körmöcbányán vert I. Ferencz József 10 koronás. 
(The item can be seen here on our website:)

The János Kemény ducat minted in 1161 was sold for a more than four times price for

Euro 50.000.

(The detailed description of the item 186 can be found here.)


The cover piece of the auction, the gold forint coin issued by Francis II Rákóczi in 1705 (item 196) showed also a high, 356 percent bid increase. The piece was launched for Euro 9000 and its hammer price was Euro 32.000.

The beautiful ducat minted in Kolozsvár in 1630 with the bust of Catherine of Brandenburg was passed into someone else’s possession for about three times price, for Euro 34.000.
(The photo of item 180 can be viewed here.)


The Leopold I ducats were launched as the second most expensive items of the auction (with a put-up price of Euro 30.000 each) were sold for Euro 56.000 and Euro 40.000.
(Detailed description here and here.)

The most valuable pieces of the modern material did also well: both the ’56 Memorial Coin from 2005 (item 1073) and the St. Stephen Coin from 2001 (item 1010) stopped at Euro 28.000 bid. From each items listed with Euro 15.000 starting price just six pieces were minted.
(The item 1073 and the item 1010 can be viewed here.)

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