The professional circles bear in mind as one of the most memorable numismatic event in recent decades the first auction of the Nudelman Numismatica in 1995 – which got the „AUCTION OF THE YEAR” title from the Association of the Hungarian Journalists.

The professional and ethical standards of the Nudelman Numismatica’s auctions are guaranteed with the company’s 15-year history of the auctions and László Nudelman business owner with decades of experience and IAPN membership.

In the 15 years following the noteworthy event our company has arranged altogether six additional auctions. In the year 2009 in an unconventional way we enriched with two auctions the numismatic life in Hungary.

After the 6th auction focusing on the traditional Hungarian pieces of art we held a „thematic” Russian auction, which ended with a great success and unexpected auction records:

A Catherine the Great 5 kopek was sold for more than HUF 30 million and a Saint Alexander Nevsky Award for HUF 66 million.

Continuing the particularly successful year of 2009 unlike traditions the auction season of the Nudelman Numismatica started even in spring.

Our next auction is expected to be at the end of September 2014.

 For details, please follow the news on our site.

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