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The professional circles bear in mind as one of the most memorable numismatic event in recent decades the first auction of the Nudelman Numismatica in 1995 – which got the „AUCTION OF THE YEAR” title from the Association of the Hungarian Journalists.

The professional and ethical standards of the Nudelman Numismatica’s auctions are guaranteed with the company’s 15-year history of the auctions and László Nudelman business owner with decades of experience and IAPN membership.

Whether you  wish to sell your coin or coin collection and you’re looking for a strong and reliable partner or you may want to know the estimate price of your coins or collection. 

Nudelman Numismatica 2011We wish hereby a successful New Year to all our costumers with a free download coin calendar.

The photos and description of our most successful auction items can be seen on the calendar.

(a printable high resolution version can be downloaded clicking on the image).



The Nudelman Numismatic’s exclusive festive offer










IN OUR CHRISTMAS PORTFOLIO  we offer four unique golden, one silver and one copper restrike to the attention of our customers. All the six items are excellent purchase for collection and for investment as well – these coins are considered to be not only historical masterpieces but also extremely stable value investments. These are period pieces which show up very rarely and are very hardly available.

The numismatics – similarly to artworks and painting – has been a popular field for collection for centuries. The appreciation of old and new coins in recent years is mainly due to the increase of the price of gold – the uncertainty characteristic nowadays for the other forms of investment has led to a rise of the price of the precious metals. The bourgeois feeling towards life characteristic for the period between the two World Wars has become popular again: no harm if a little gold is reserved.

László Nudelman the owner of a company of several decades professional history member of the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN), is one of the most respected authority on numismatics in Hungary. The Nudelman Numismatica has been organizing coin auctions since 1995. The first one won the “auction of the year” title.

Hungary’s largest chemical catastrophe ever happened in October. The sludge reservoir dam of the alumina plant at Kolontár broke, and flooded Kolontár and the neighbouring Devecser and Somlóvásárhely with one million cubic metres of highly alkaline contaminated sludge.

A total of HUF 715 000 was collected at the recently ended charity coin auction.

The organizer of the auction the Procopius Ltd. transfers the sum to the Hungarian Red Cross bank account supporting the victims of the red sludge.

On the behalf of the organizers too we thank you for all your offering and purchase.

DENARIUS: Like everyone else even the big personalities began somewhere, sometime. When were you first ’caught’ by the charm of numismatics and what was your first collector’s trend?
László Nudelman: I have been dealing with coin collecting since I was 14 years old. Initially the coins of the Árpád Dynasty had attracted me mostly and subsequently I changed my mind and started to collect groats, of which I managed to create a unique compilation that is in the collection of the Hungarian National Bank now.


In a new menu point called „Archive” of our website the starting and the hammer price and the most important parameters of the auctioned items of recent years can be browsed – more than 5000 items by this time!


In our search-system operating on similarly fresh base (Complex search on the site) the visitors of our website can view the development of the prices and saleability of the area of interest/collection thus summarized – according our plans – as far back as 2005.

The Hungarian National Bank (MNB) has issued a gold collector coin with a face value of HUF 50 000 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ferenc Liszt. In addition of the „normal” two-ducat weight pieces so called „piedfort” coins with double weight and thickness were also made. The latter are decorated with an inscription around the edge. By issuing the collector coin the Bank pays tribute to one of the most important pianists-composers of the 19th century. The collector coin was Tamás E. Soltra.

The Nudelman Numismatica’s summer auction on the 6th of June ended with more than 150 percent bid increase.

At the auction which started with a put-up price of Euro 1.172 388 there were 1137 items sold for a total of Euro 1.861133.

An extremely rare Franz Joseph I, 10 crown coin minted in Körmöcbánya in 1895, item 631, was launched at the highest starting price of the auction and finally was sold for Euro 60.000.

60.000 euróért talált gazdára az aukció legmagasabb kikiáltási áron indított tétele, a 631-es számú, rendkívül ritka, 1895-ben Körmöcbányán vert I. Ferencz József 10 koronás. 
(The item can be seen here on our website:)

Péter Emőd’s Interview with László Nudelman

Competence, know-how, innovation, attention to the smallest details –

one of the most respected authority of the Hungarian numismatics helps

to dispel the mysterious mist still surrounding the coin collection and trade.

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